Morning in the Clinic started out normal enough.  Arrived there a little later than usual I rush to get on the scale. Over the weekend found out I was 6 full kilos over my ‘weight’.  It meant that to get back to normal, about 13 pounds of fluid would have to be removed today. No way all that could be done by me in one treatment session.

clinic cold2

Arrived pain free (count my blessings) to the clinic at 5:15 am. An uneventful Saturday morning I realized I’m in good hands because my regular technician Shawn is here. I know this treatment should go well, I expect no complications (Shawn is really good). Morning greetings follow and after I’m put on the machine Les and I talk about Burn Notice upcoming season opener. We both are looking forward to that show.

A Day At The Clinic 1

It’s Wednesday night and I’m feeling decent about myself. The days when you don’t feel aches and pain, when you breathe normally, stomach is working and the rest of the body is in order, you just simply count your blessings and say thank God! No you are not normal and probably never will be, but to get a rare pain and drama free day (or night) you got to say with me, IT WAS A GOOD DAY!