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A Day At The Clinic

Been at this routine for over 10 years, but I still look forward to it. Getting up at 4:00am 3 times a week to get ready to sit in that ‘chair’. Yeah you want to get enough sleep to get up early, but you like the 10pm news too. Anyway after cleaning up, you grab some snacks and your water bottle and you are out the door.

Yes, your transportation has blown his horn and is waiting (hopefully it wasn’t too long) to get you to your treatment on time! Arriving there I take off my jacket and shoes and get on the scale and lo and behold my tech Shawn is there to make sure about my weight. Starting out on Dialysis, It takes a minute to familiarize yourself with using kilograms, but you get used to it. After getting my weight I hustle back to my chair. On the way I say good morning at least 8 times, sometimes starting to chat but the tech Shawn says lets GO!. I setup my laptop and they get me ready to start dialysis. Most in-between days are uneventful. So this treatment is expected to be routine with the exception of the occasional alarms going off during the session.

The Monotony

Breaking up the monotony of almost 5 straight hours in a chair you look for any stimulation or conservation with fellow patients (TV is always there but heyou been knowing some of these people for years). So sports, advice or jokes fly across the clinic with this morning crew. With fun and respect our ‘Clinical Manager’ (a tech I made this title up for) named Risa is always on our ‘butts’ in a positive way. Her lightning on target quips has made me laugh over the years. Once I was talking, moving around a lot in the chair and coughing with the alarm going off. Risa noticed I had 47 minutes to go till completion and she said to me “Don’t breathe for 47 minutes, Okay!” All I could do was laugh and be still the rest of the treatment so that alarm would stop going off. I did say to her I can’t hold my breath for 47 seconds. Risa has so many jokes that she even called this blog bogus, her quote was I heard about your so-called bogus blog. Again that was funny stuff. Shawn and Risa are like a tag team who always have each others back, you can’t help but respect that.

Mike and the gang. When I first get settled in my chair and hooked up to the machine we got to cover sports and Les is there to kick that off with me. I mean sometimes we may need oxygen from having on too much fluid, but who wants to admit it or talk about it. So we patients talk about everything else, just not ourselves. We focused on others and events, not our own health problems (why depress each other). Mike comes in around 9:00am and it seems that then the clinic kicks back up to life. Greetings abound and jokes come out everywhere when he shows (along with Griffin and Davis). In a couple of days I’ll had another installment to A Day at the Clinic.