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A Day At The Clinic Part 7

Looking For The True Larry Griffin

Larry Griffin is a very popular guy at the clinic. When he arrives at about 9:00 am to get to his chair, the whole place seems to come to life. Conversational chatter increases, greetings abound and jokes would start flying back and forth across the unit. No matter how you look at it Griffins presence makes for a lively place whenever he shows up in the clinic. His jokes, his quips, his one-liners were always funny and on the mark and like he would say, they were the truth (The Truth According To Larry)! So what could change this consistent source of entertainment for everyone? I have to admit I’m the main one at fault here.

I still remember that fateful day where Mr. Griffin’s outlook on life would change. He came in one day and sat down in his dialysis chair. I was watching Burn Notice and was really into the plot so I didn’t hear Larry say that Mr. Humphries you and Mr. Jackson look like brothers. I said what and he said when I first came to the clinic I thought you guys were brothers. I ignored him, thought nothing of it and went back to watching Burn Notice. After the program went off I start paying attention to other patient arrival’s in the clinic. I noticed that Mr. Sidler came in and I just snapped. My mind just blurted out to Mr. Griffin that you look just like Sidler and both of you guys got the same belly. Why I hollered across the clinic to say that I don’t know, but it got laughs from those who heard it. But what I said was mean and cruel and Griffin and I got into it with each other and it was like war. The clinic was tense and quiet and Les asked me what’s up Hump, what has gotten into you? I didn’t have an answer, but I knew I was pissed off about Griffin’s offhand remarks about me. I was so upset that I was ready to get out of the chair right then and there (my blood lines were still connected to the machine). Rebonie tried to get us to talk but it was not happening then in that tense place.

My Actions Led To A Big Mess

My actions led to a big mess. What was Griffin being small and just jokes I escalated into a big deal with my overreaction.  I mean this normally happy go lucky, outgoing guy, simply shut down. Because of me and my threats to him, he decided not to really talk in the clinic again outside of being courteous. The clinic lost its fun mouthpiece, because I couldn’t handle an innocent, no harm done type joke that was directed at me. So I will say it and say it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I apologize to you for making you feel unsafe. I apologize Mr. Griffin for losing my cool and threatening retaliation against you. I’m sorry for bringing my sons up to the clinic to make you feel scared. But you Larry,  are a big guy so I was scared of you, but still I did not mean to make you urinate on yourself or to miss 2 dialysis treatments out of fear of your life by my sons. I truly am sorry, please get back to your old jovial self, and let those jokes fly once again!