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A Day At The Clinic Part 5 - The Wrath Of Shawn

When taking about the clinic staff, even if you know you’re right, remember to do it very quietly or you’ll incur the Wrath of Shawn (Risa’s buddy and co-enforcer). I found out again that Shawn is a force to be reckoned with. Oh yeah and you must remember that these techs have bionic hearing! No joke, rumors say that they can hear their name being talked about from more than 400 feet away. So what made Shawn get involved with a small rant I had going on with Les. Les and I were commenting to each other about the apparent lack of official recognition by the clinic for the passing of Willie Hood, a 15 year patient of the clinic. There was no announcement to the patients, not a flyer or sign posted up front. There was just nothing to acknowledge his passing! So I was ranting off to Les and then She Stepped In! 

She Came In Our Area

She came to our area right when I was yakking about how Willie gave candy to the tech’s and staff all the time for years and you would think that one of them would take the initiative and say something good about Hood. And Shawn engaged me at that point. What?? She said and Les said wooah! She commanded Les to hide his face behind the TV and keep his mouth shut or he’ll be next (of course Les obeyed). Directing her full attention to me, I tried to hide behind my TV screen (like Les) and hoped to divert her attention away. Shawn wasn’t having any of that, for I had said too much. She came up to my TV screen and smacked it away! I felt so exposed. She calmly asked me with the whole clinic looking on, What would I have the Clinic say about Willie Hood? She explained that Hood’s family has not made any contact with anyone at the clinic, so they had no official or verifiable news (her face and tones were real intense and I was a little scared) to report to us. Shawn defended all the tech’s honor by calling me out. She then asked me what do I want to say about Willie, what do I what to write for them to put out up front. With the whole clinic looking at me, I feebly said that we already wrote about him on the blog.

I was desperately trying to divert attention away from me, so I asked where is Griffin when I need him, knowing that if he was here he would crack some jokes and Shawn and the rest of the staff would’ve got on him. But it wasn’t just Shawn, Rebonie joined in and even the Clinical Manager Risa jumped in (that bionic hearing pulled her in) and was about to crack some words on me, but I got a reprieve from her when her patients needed her up front so she had to go. But this wasn’t over, the nurses now all gathered around my stationed to check out who was the trouble maker for the clinic. They jokingly admonished me to not say bad things about the clinic and besmirch its good name. Jokes aside we were somewhat upset about the non-recognition of Willie Hood, and all seriousness aside everything Shawn and the nurses said was real funny stuff (the whole clinic got a good laughs that morning). So what was my lesson that I learned. Well if you going to talk some smack or crap, or say plain ol’ stuff about the clinic, if your subject involves tech or staff, you better whisper. Say it very low, because Shawn and her friends possess super hearing! And when you are confronted by one of them, deny, deny and deny. Buy yourself time and hope another patient (distracts) pull them off you.

So if you're complaining make sure you whisper to avoid incurring the Wrath of Shawn (and you'll get to live another day, lol)!