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A Day At The Clinic Part 4

The Blog Under Attack!!

Morning in the Clinic started out normal enough.  Arrived there a little later than usual I rush to get on the scale. Over the weekend found out I was 6 full kilos over my ‘weight’.  It meant that to get back to normal, about 13 pounds of fluid would have to be removed today. No way all that could be done by me in one treatment session. Shawn figures out what needs to be done and tells me to sit down and she proceeds to start my treatment. Les and I have a quick conversation about Bears football. Conclusion, the Bears needed to have Jason Campbell (backup quarterback) open up the offense. Conservative play calling by the coaching staff seemed to make the Bears lose another winnable game. My first blood pressure reading is high, but treatment has started with the expectation that it’ll gradually get down to normal.

My pressure rapidly drops in less than 45 minutes. Shawn is such the professional, she calm me down with her reassuring voice and the timely wisdom of her years from being a Dialysis professional, stabilizes me and allows me to complete my treatment. Outside of my blood pressure drama the clinic is quiet and uneventful. Risa starts things up. She is training new techs on the patient next to me. So I stare at them trying to look at what’s going on. Risa then blurts out, didn’t I tell about looking over my way (honestly, she has)? You look this way only when I allow you too, other than that, keep your eyes on that bogus blog of yours and mind your own business! That was funny enough but then she placed the TV between me and the patient to my right, to symbolically block my view of her. I didn’t have any idea that Risa was just getting warmed up.

Clinic Gets Quiet

The clinic has gotten quiet once again and I’m back on my laptop trying to focus on some design work. I struggle with updating my friends Ingram’s real estate rental website. The truth is I can’t seem to bring myself to do some simple data entry. All I need to do to complete his website is to input about 40 apartment listings. So my mind wanders off switching through TV channels, unable to focus on the task at hand. Then a couple of the 2nd shift patients come in. Mike and Larry and with those 2 taking their chairs the whole clinic seems to come to life. Larry is always looking for any little issue to grab onto to get things ‘going’. Larry asks me did I print his post to TheBigHump blog and I told him I did. So he then asked why he couldn’t see it on the ‘net when he did it. And our Risa jumped at the chance to start cracking on me (and the blog). She said, Larry it’s a bogus blog, and only he gets to put things on it. Then Larry says, so I got to be approved by you to get published, I ain’t good enough on my own? I try to deny these things while we are all laughing at it. No one hears my denials; Risa and Larry are feeding each other jokes and more jokes making me look like a petty dictator, lol.

So I made a mistake when I said I edited 2 words and substituted another one. Risa and Larry tagged team on me with that. Risa said if it’s a so called blog then why do you get to decide what words he gets to say. Larry says Yeah, I thought it was freedom of speech. I got to be censored because I can’t write as well as Mike? I feeding these guys because then I say, "It was only 1 sentence". They really went crazy with the rapid fire quips and jokes. Larry says, “Oh so I’m just a dumbass, because I only wrote 1 sentence and then you got to go and change it”.  “Hey Risa he said I’m too dumb for his blog, I’m going to tell my mother when I get home!” Risa said, “After all the blog is bogus, so what do you expect, don’t come up in here with that 1 sentence stuff”. I give trying to explain myself. These 2 are twisting everything I say and making it all so funny (I’m laughing too). We go back and forth with this until it’s time for me to leave a few minutes later.

Anyway the whole clinic had a great time that day. Next time I’ll see you there!