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A Day In The Clinic Part 3

Arrived pain free (count my blessings) to the clinic at 5:15 am. An uneventful Saturday morning I realized I’m in good hands because my regular technician Shawn is here. I know this treatment should go well, I expect no complications (Shawn is really good). Morning greetings follow and after I’m put on the machine Les and I talk about Burn Notice upcoming season opener. We both are looking forward to that show. Troy comes in the clinic a little later about 6:00 am. Good to see him as he is not a normal member of our shift, but when someone is sick (absent) then a second or third shift patient is called in. Anyway it was good to see Troy again (Troy operates a successful limousine service).

It is a little after 7:00 am, the Clinic is very quiet, Risa is on break but is wearing all red, in figure flattering clothes. We old men (our average age is somewhere in the 50’s) in the Clinic all acknowledge the visually pleasing treat passing by (remember we all have to spend 5 hours + in the chair). But don’t get me wrong, Risa is always professional and competent and her dialysis knowledge can rival that of nurses and doctors. There has been many a time when she was my tech on when doctor rounds were being made where she encouraged me to speak up about a condition that I didn’t even think was important. The doctor hearing about what I said recommended antibiotics and I did leave the clinic that day feeling much better. That type of care can’t be duplicated, in comes from the good heart of the tech! I speak to Risa this morning and she asked me what am I doing on the computer. I told her I was updating my post, she quipped on you mean your “bogus blog”. I say but my descriptions of everything (entries) are accurate. She agrees but still says it’s a bogus blog, my boy Les is awake now and we both laugh at Risa’s remark together. The way Risa delivers her ‘cracks’ on you it is so funny.

I Try To Write Some Code

I try to write some programming code (for a real estate website) on my laptop, but I noticed that I’m feeling a little nauseated. So I shut down the laptop not feeling too good and knowing I still got more than 2 hours to go before finishing treatment. Some people are done with their treatments (only having to run 3 to 3 ½ hours) and are leaving. I have about 25 minutes to go and I start to feel very hot and uncomfortable. My left ankle starts to cramp up. I feel lighted and faint and I weakly call out to Shawn my tech for help. She notices me fidgeting and squirming in the chair. She turns off the UF (pulling off of waste fluids) take my blood pressure to quickly determine I had a rapid blood pressure drop (from 165 over 100 down to 118 over 78 in a matter of less than 5 minutes). She gives me saline, tells me to lie back down, and put cold paper towels on my forehead and chest. Her voice and advice helps me to calm down (I was getting agitated and disoriented as I was becoming weaker), eventually the saline helps ease up the cramps and stabilize the blood pressure.