A Day At The Clinic 1

A Day At The Clinic Part 2

It’s Wednesday night and I’m feeling decent about myself. The days when you don’t feel aches and pain, when you breathe normally, stomach is working and the rest of the body is in order, you just simply count your blessings and say thank God! No you are not normal and probably never will be, but to get a rare pain and drama free day (or night) you got to say with me, IT WAS A GOOD DAY!

For The Last 10 Days

For The last 10 days I had swelling or gout in my right hand that made it look twice the size of my left hand. I could not play the guitar or bass during that whole time period. Heck, who am I kidding, I was in so much pain I couldn’t do anything except hope and pray for it to go away. I take my meds, try to go to sleep, and just hum out aloud with the pain. I repeated this routine day after day. My kidney doctor prescribes antibiotics for and they eventually help, but 10 days is a long time to not have use of your hand.

My tech Shawn promptly greets me, admonishing me to sit down, though I try to greet everyone I see in the clinic in the morning. I lug around my laptop and set it up, after weighing myself upon entering the clinic. I’m 3.5 kilos over my ‘dry’ weight (kidney patients obsess over weight gain, the more you weigh, the more fluid to be removed, the more chance of a rough dialysis), realizing that is not too bad, I figured that this treatment session should go well too.

A multi-part article about Walter Humphries and his Dialysis journey!

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